Did you know children start to develop a sense of self by age three? Our self-identify is shaped by life experiences, positive and negative, and the unique way we perceive the world. In turn, our self-identity influences our actions and behaviors, our core beliefs and relationships, and even our long-term potential. The Little Leaders picture book series by Gia Lacqua–CEO of elivate, Certified Professional Coach, and former business executive–introduces lessons on cultivating positive self-identity, which is a critical part of healthy development so children can grow up with confidence, self-love, and resilience

An inspirational picture book with engaging colors, rhymes, and real-world examples of how there is often more than one way to see the same thing–perfect for showing young readers how to be open to new possibilities!

After her best friend tells her that her favorite color isn’t part of the rainbow, Livy Lu comes home confused and full of questions!

Together with her mom, Livy explores how one person’s blue can be another person’s green and other real-world examples of different ways we can experience the same thing. After an afternoon of exploring, Livy Lu realizes there is a rainbow of perspectives and hers is just one of many beautiful views. Livy Lu reminds us all, children and adults, to use our imagination in everyday situations, and to always be open to new possibilities.

Full of colorful illustrations, positive messages, and engaging rhymes, Lovey Livy Lu: A Rainbow View is the perfect tool for parents and teachers to explain multiple perspectives and help children build their mental agility.

If you have any questions about the book series, classroom empowerment activities and lessons, and/or empowerment coaching, please contact me at gia@gialacqua.com.

Thank you for joining me on this important mission to educate, inspire, and empower our limitless little leaders.

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The Limitless Little Leaders picture book series is designed to teach children lifelong empowerment and mindset skills that will set them up for a lifetime of happiness and success, no matter what life throws their way.

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