Despite significant advances, women are still grossly underrepresented in leadership. Women are marginalized, work harder and have more to prove with little support. There’s no shortage of ambitious women who are ready and eager to lead. But there is a lack of women’s leadership programs that support women in creating meaningful and lasting change.

elivateHER is a groundbreaking program that is specifically designed to support the high achieving woman in identifying the internal barriers that may be holding you back. elivateHER supports female leaders in creating the necessary awareness to:

• overcome hidden obstacles and barriers in order to achieve your greatest ambitions,
• interrupt old cycles of behavior and identify new strategies so you can thrive without burning out,
• transform the way you live and lead to unlock your full potential.

elivateHER enables and empowers women you step into your power and unlock your potential in order to show up at work and in life as the extraordinary leader you know you are capable of being. This immersive experience uses a blended learning approach including facilitation, reflection, discussion, coaching and ideation. It is led by a Professional Certified Coach, and former business executive of a Fortune 500 Company, who has walked in her heels.

elivateHER is designed specifically for high achieving women who are ready to:

elivateHER supports women holistically and the unique challenges she faces balancing the professional and personal demands of today's environment. As a result of this program, you will…

This 6-week program includes:

- 6 x 2-hour group sessions
- Coaching activities, tools, and resources to support you on your transformation journey
- Unique networking opportunities for high achieving women like you

It’s time to transform from overwhelmed to calm,
from fear-driven to purpose-driven,
from reactionary to intentional,
from focused on other people to balancing self-care with caring for those you love,
from frustrated to fulfilled,
from externally motivated to Internally motivated,
from trapped and stuck to confident and assured.

The next cohort begins April 7, 2022 and will meet every Thursday from 11am to 1pm EST until May 12, 2022.  Seats are limited. Register today.

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invest in and prioritize herself
ditch the self-doubt
cut through the relentless demands, the guilt, and the noise
stop settling for less than she deserves
unlock her next chapter
step into her power with purpose, clarity, and intention.
reclaim her personal agency
create big life changes

Enhance your confidence
Increase your well-being and resilience
Reconnect with your authentic self
Feel empowered at work and in life
Find a renewed presence and energy
Live her life with intention and purpose

It’s time to step into the most powerful version of you. It’s time to elivate.

Your wellbeing and mindset are critical to your success.

Tranform the way you work and live

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