“The world urgently needs women to unleash their extraordinary, and lead – authentically and unapologetically.”

– Gia Lacqua

It's time to stop living the life you think you're supposed to live and start living the one you are meant to live

a group coaching program like no other


Looking for more personalized support?

This Private 1:1 Coaching program is exclusively for clients who are ready to dig deep. 

designed exclusively for women, by women

Isaac Asimov

“Your assumptions are your windows to the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

Personal empowerment coaching involves a professional partnership between client and coach to help bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be. I support my clients in deepening their awareness, creating clarity, and in designing the future they desire to achieve excellence. 

The purpose of coaching is not to give you advice or even an opinion. It’s to help you identify the obstacles that are standing between you and your happiness and success. 

Coaching is the art of creating change by understanding, shaping and reframing beliefs, assumptions and expectations. To help you bridge the gap from your current self to your future self. 

At elivate, we serve as a catalyst to empower clients to obtain the results they desire.

What is coaching all about? 

What coaching is and is not

The role of the coach:
• Co-strategizer
• Accountability partner
• Advocate and champion
• Challenge your thinking
• Support your journey from here to there

The role of the client:
• Be open and honest
• Keep an open mind
• Allow yourself to be a priority
• Be willing to dig deep and put in the effort
• Have positive intention and believe in the power of change

why coaching?

We partner with individuals and organizations to provide personal empowerment coaching.

We work with high achievers to reach even greater levels of success. 

We support clients in reaching and often exceeding their goals, releasing old behaviors that no longer serve them, and embracing who they truly are.

Your current ways of thinking influence your results. If you want to enhance your results and increase your success, try changing your thinking.

Your skills, beliefs, systems, and habits have largely driven your success to date. What if they are not the same ones that take you to the next level?