Change is inevitable

elivate empowers leaders to bridge the gap from yesterday's results to tomorrow's possibilities.

elivate supports leaders in growing through change to lead in the new now. We empower high performing organizations to reach the next level of success. We support clients by employing a highly customized, future-focused approach to evolving the leadership model and organizational culture to drive results.

Gia is an Organizational, Cultural, and Leadership Transformationalist. She is a Certified Professional Coach and former business executive. She brings 20 years of experience leading companies and teams through strategic change. Gia serves as a catalyst for positive change, supporting individuals and organizations in realizing and unlocking their fullest potential to power growth.

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Growth is intentionaL

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Transformation starts within

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Drive behavior change. elivate starts with internal awareness. Looking to equip your leaders with an adaptive mindset, focused on growth and innovation? We offer that. We work with high achievers to reach even greater levels of success through empowerment coaching.

The key to unlocking leadership potential lies in personal growth. elivate helps you adapt to today's environment. Looking to create an environment where people thrive? We offer that. We provide motivational seminars to support organizational change centered around people and culture.

Reimagine leadership. elivate offers immersive learning experiences in order to shift mindsets. Looking for more than just another training session? We offer that. Our learning experiences are designed to be intimate, immersive, practical and personalized. All programs include personal 1-1 coaching sessions with each participant following the workshop.

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We provide professional coaching focused on personal empowerment, authenticity, intention and consistency. We work with high achievers to reach the next level of success. Support new and existing managers, leaders and C-Suite executives with their growth and change management efforts. 

Coaching services are available for teams and working groups. Group coaching can be highly effective for gaining clarity, and alignment, enhancing communication, team dynamic and group performance.

Add professional coaching services to your suite of benefits to support the emotional health and overall wellbeing of your leaders. Provide your people with the holistic, personalized support they need.

professional coaching services

Leadership coaching

How are you investing in your most valuable asset?

Team and group coaching

coaching as a wellness benefit

Provide holistic 1-1 leadership support
Unlock hidden potential
Provide access to a trusted thinking partner
Provide a personalized roadmap to success
Differentiate your organization 
Demonstrate your commitment to personal growth
Create a culture to thrive

Organizations require leaders who are committed to professional development and personal growth in order to keep up with the pace and evolve in an uncertain and ambiguous world. 




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If you're looking for a different kind of women's leadership program, or a unique keynote experience for your women's leadership team or Employee Resource Group -- THIS IS IT

Organizations play a critical role in cultivating female leaders and closing the leadership gender gap

Transformation starts within

Despite significant advances, women are still grossly underrepresented in leadership. Women are marginalized, work harder and have more to prove with little support. There’s no shortage of ambitious women who are ready and eager to lead. But there is a lack of women’s leadership programs that support women in creating meaningful and lasting change.

elivateHER is a groundbreaking program that is specifically designed to support the high achieving woman in identifying the internal barriers that may be holding her back. elivateHER supports female leaders in creating the necessary awareness to:

• overcome hidden obstacles and barriers in order to achieve her greatest ambitions,
• interrupt old cycles of behavior and identify new strategies so she can thrive without burning out,
• transform the way you live and lead to unlock her full potential.

elivateHER enables and empowers women to step into her power and unlock her potential in order to show up at work and in life as the extraordinary leader she knows she is capable of being. This immersive experience uses a blended learning approach including facilitation, reflection, discussion, coaching and ideation. It is led by a Professional Certified Coach, and former business executive of a Fortune 500 Company, who has walked in her heels.

Support your female leaders in breaking the vicious cycle of burnout and overwhelm
by focusing on her mindset and overall wellbeing.


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Gia's change management experience has been put to great use in advancing our culture.

Senior Vice President, Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company

One of the best parts of working with Gia is her genuine and authentic approach to coaching. It’s so clear that this is what she loves to do. Her active listening, thoughtful responses and practical advice set her apart. I left our coaching session with concrete next steps to help me become a stronger and more inclusive leader.

Division Counsel, Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Gia has helped challenge our own thinking and motivated us to think about how to further enhance our approach.

Senior Vice President, Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company

Spending time with Gia felt freeing; Her role as an independent coach meant that she had no motive behind her advice, she could guide without judgement and serve as a sounding board as my thoughts flowed.  

It’s hard to do the work, to be vulnerable and to admit that there are things that you need to work on. It’s even harder to know where to begin and that’s where I truly believe personal coaching gives you the tools to get started, the framework to achieve, and the mindfulness to better yourself.

Executive Director, Fortune 100 Global Pharmaceutical Company